The success of FADC depends largely on the assistance of volunteers. There are many opportunities and areas of service in which volunteers are utilized. Each volunteer has a different amount of time and talent to share with FADC.

Volunteers who are routine-oriented may enjoy assisting in the preparation and serving of meals. This may involve slicing and buttering bread or bagels for meals, preparing and serving coffee or tea or juice to the clients, setting the table, preparing the luncheon plates or serving the meals. Although we use disposable plates and eating utensils, cleaning up after meals is also a very important function at FADC and would entail clearing and wiping the tables and counters, washing serving utensils, and putting everything away.

Creative volunteers are always welcome. Many of our volunteers design simple games or craft activities for the clients to construct. Other volunteers are needed to assist the clients in performing the steps necessary to complete the various activities.

Another way to serve FADC is to offer minimal physical assistance, encourage participation, or to simply socialize with the clients. Other volunteers offer their organizational skills to the Program and may assist in the operation or promotion of FADC. Each volunteer brings different gifts to the Program. All volunteers are encouraged to participate in the activities of their preference at FADC. Often, a volunteer doesn’t realize the talents they have to offer until they have participated in a day at FADC. Regardless of their area of service, all volunteers are vital to the success of our program and are greatly appreciated.