A typical day at Farmingdale Adult Day Care begins with a light breakfast and general conversation.  Each client is greeted warmly, assisted to a seat, served a light breakfast, and coffee or tea.  A name badge is affixed to each client and volunteer to facilitate conversation.  Soon after everyone is settled, a staff member or volunteer will proceed to the ‘current events’ item on the agenda.  This entails reading appropriate newspaper articles to the group and expanding on conversation topics.  Specific features in Newsday, such as “This Date in History”, “Today’s Birthdays”, and “Horoscopes” are read daily.  A ‘trivia question’, a joke or two, and an amusing anecdote usually follow current events.

The next item on the agenda is exercise. The group is assisted across the room to a seat in the activity area.  A staff member or volunteer leads the clients in a series of appropriate exercises.  Other staff members and volunteers assist the clients by explaining the motions of the simple exercises and encouraging everyone to participate.

Exercise is followed by a scheduled event.  This may be entertainment (sing-a-longs, reminiscing, musicians, lecturers or other outside entertainment), arts and crafts therapy, pet therapy (a supervised visit to the center by a furry friend), intergenerational activities (visits by FUMC nursery school), or “celebrate the day” (lectures and activities using FADC’s various resource books).  Most scheduled events are listed on our monthly calendar. Lunch is served at noon.  Delicious and nutritious hot lunches are provided through the services of Daleview Nursing Home.

The agenda reverts back to a scheduled event after lunch.  Clients may once again be  assisted back to the circle area for an activity.  A snack is served later, shortly before a day at FADC ends.  Afterwards, clients may need assistance with clothing and preparing to go home.